«SAFRAN IDENTITY & SECURITY» is a global leader in security and identity solutions as well as electronic documentation. «Safran Identity & Security» is the only company in the world which possesses all the range of technologies used in security systems.
«Safran Identity & Security» is a global leader in key areas а its commercial activities: biometry identification solutions based on fingerprints, faces and iris recognition.
Wide experience of «Safran Identity & Security» in the sphere of biometric identification is effectively used in management of digital identity and smart transactions. The company is a world leader in this market, offering protected smart card solutions for management of life cycle of software and secure authentication platform - the technology used in the telecommunications markets, payment management and digital identity.
 «Safran Identity & Security» has more than 76 affiliate companies in 40 countries of the world which employ more than 8400 people. The company invests more than 9% of turnover in R & D, which involves about 30% of its employees.


«NUCTECH COMPANY LIMITED» is one of the world's leaders in manufacturing of inspection systems. The company was derived from Tsinghua University, Beijing using own technologies. The company possesses a major laboratory and pays much attention to technological development of the industry.  
Nuctech is recognized by its clients worldwide as one of the world's largest manufacturer of professional security systems. The company played significant role in Pan American Games in Brazil, 2007 and in Olympic Games in Beijing, 2008. It also provides security services for Astana EXPO 2017 and other major events worldwide. Products of the company are widely used in more than 130 countries and regions worldwide. Nowadays European countries are major consumers of security systems (Germany, Poland, Spain, Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Israel, Ireland et c.) due to high level of terroristic threats. The company equipment is available on the international market under trademark THScan.

90% of all railway car inspection systems in the world are produced by Nuctech.

Nuctech has a wide experience of procurement and installation of inspection systems in the Republic of Kazakhstan. As of now, 26 inspection systems have been procured, along with more than 60 inspection solution packages:

  • Customs stations Zhanazhol, Kairak; customs clearance department of North Kazakhstan Region
  • Customs stations Bauhzhan Konsybaev, Kaplanbek, Saryagash, Kazygurt, Matkhaaral, checkpoint Atameken; customs clearance department of South Kazakhstan Region
  • Custom stations Dostyk, Altynkol; customs clearance department of South Kazakhstan Region
  • Custom station Bakhty, customs clearance department of West Kazakhstan Region
  • Custom stations Korday, Aisha Bibi, Kulan, checkpoint Karasu; customs clearance department of Zhambyl Region
  • Custom stations Temir Baba, Beineu, Bolashak, Mangystau Region customs clearance department
  • EXPO Astana 2017
  • Airports in Shymkent and Almaty
  • Sea port in Aktau

Five maintenance stations are established in Kazakhstan which cover its whole territory and provide timely technical support ensuring uninterrupted operation of systems. There is a service center in Almaty.



Institute for research and design of radio-electronic equipment NIKIRET develops a wide range of modern security systems for critical infrastructure, industrial and private facilities.
NIKIRET is a modern research and production complex with well-equipped labs, strong industrial base, unique testing area for all kinds of test of developed and manufactured products.
Main focus areas of the research institute are:

  • detectors (alarm devices and sensors)
  • access control and management systems
  • systems for collection and processing of data from detection devices
  • power supplies
  • locks of high cryptographic strength, including remotely controlled
  • engineering blocks (automatic detection of intrusions)

The high scientific and technical level and quality of products is provided by a large team of highly qualified professionals, including doctors and candidates of science, State Prize laureates.
Long work of NIKIRET in equipping of critical objects on the territory of the Russian Federation with the use of the latest developments of security technology is reflected in its logo СОГО - system of protection of state objects.