«IDEMIA IDENTITY & SECURITY» is a global leader in security and identity solutions as well as electronic documentation. «Idemia Identity & Security» is the only company in the world which possesses all the range of technologies used in security systems.
«Idemia Identity & Security» is a global leader in key areas а its commercial activities: biometry identification solutions based on fingerprints, faces and iris recognition.
Wide experience of «Idemia Identity & Security» in the sphere of biometric identification is effectively used in management of digital identity and smart transactions. The company is a world leader in this market, offering protected smart card solutions for management of life cycle of software and secure authentication platform - the technology used in the telecommunications markets, payment management and digital identity.
 «Idemia Identity & Security» has more than 76 affiliate companies in 40 countries of the world which employ more than 8400 people. The company invests more than 9% of turnover in R & D, which involves about 30% of its employees.