Biometric identification solutions

Biometric identification systems process unique personal data such as face, iris and fingerprints.
Safran Morpho is a No.1 company in biometric identification solutions.   


  • Best guarantee of each citizen’s identification data uniqueness.
  • Convenience; each citizen has a unique fingerprint, face and iris.


Automated Morpho Face Expert system analyzes three-dimensional structure of the user’s face; enters data into AFIS; enables to use the collected data for creation of personal identifiers, people search by law enforcement authorities, face recognition in a crowd in real time using external video signals and devices to ensure public security and to control access to the protected facilities. The system is capable to create 3D face model using even low-resolution images while analyzing available profile pictures.


Morpho fingerprint identification technology has reached the highest level of accuracy that allowed its subsidiary MorphoTrak led a dozen other biometric technology vendors. MorphoTrak's average accuracy across all 32 tests was 17 percent better than the nearest competitor that demonstrates Morpho's leadership in the field of biometric identification today*.  
Morpho Card Capture workstation is a simple and effective solution to convert the available fingerprint database in digital format and import it into the uniform information database AFIS.

The test results of Proprietary Fingerprint Template, published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on March 18, 2015. PFT assessed the competing software under the most rigorous test conditions to date.  



Biometric identification technology uses the unique iris features and characteristics. The iris is formed before birth and does not change throughout the life.  Iris pattern is very complex that allows selecting 200 control points for high reliable compatibility. For comparison, the best fingerprint identification systems use 60-70 points.
Unlike retinal scanning with the use of infrared light or bright light, iris images are acquired by taking a photograph. Scientists have conducted a number of studies that shown that human retina can change with time while iris remains unchanged. And most importantly, it is impossible to find two absolutely identical iris patters, even considering twins.  Glasses and contact lenses do not affect the image quality.


Today biometric equipment is regularly used both by private and public sectors worldwide for civil registration, access control, secure payments and much more…
Biometric terminals are adapted specifically for physical access control and employee time and attendance control.
Desktop biometric sensors are designed for a variety of tasks, such as:

  • Population census
  • Customer registration
  • Logical access control
  • Secure transactions, etc.

With OEM modules (software) manufacturers can add biometric identification options to their equipment (ATMs, PoS terminals, voting machines, etc.) without having specific knowledge of biometrics.