Civil identities data management

Due to the fact that falsification of documents and fraud have raised in the increasingly mobile and globalized world of the 21st century, all governments shall protect the data of their citizens more effectively by issuing high security identification documents that can be used by people for secure access to online and offline service.
SecureTech in collaboration with Morpho offer a comprehensive approach to meet the challenge. Innovative, reliable and cost-effective solutions include a comprehensive management cycle for civil identification data from civil registration in the confidential database, issue of advanced ID documents with the related digital identifier to adaptation of the documents to online services.


Civil registration using paper ID documents is unreliable. The main problem is these civil databases are not available for many administrative departments for document verification. Consequently, the most common fraud is identity theft. Today technologies allow creating online services with an access to civil identification data that can be used securely by people, governmental authorities, administrative departments, financial institutions and business corporations.
Our partner, Safran Identity & Security, has already brought the platform to the market enabling interaction of all online services both public and private sector ensuring the security of the entire electronic identification system:

  • Collection of biometric and other civil identification data;
  • Issue of secure electronic ID documents (biometric data, digital identifier); 
  • Registration;
  • Authentication;
  • Secure digital transactions;
  • Long-term protection and storage of personal data.


  • National Identification
    Turnkey solution to build the advanced structure for national identification
  • Secure ID documents
    Individual components (polycarbonate datapages for passports, chips, OS, inlays, data transmission technology) or ready-made personal ID documents.  The solution provides for creation and personalization of passports, ID cards, visas and residence permits in compliance with the up-to-date international standards. Management system of the issued documents enables traceability, and scalable document management in the future.    
  • Registration of Drivers and Vehicles
    The solution provides for creation of national driving licenses, vehicle registration cards and digital tachographs.
  • Health and Welfare
    Flexible solutions provide for prompt and reliable access to healthcare services and social benefits.
  • Online Identification Data Management
    Effective software solutions for civil identification data management provide for reliable online management, operation, storage and confidentiality of civil identification data.
    After an ID card has been issued, it can be used as a universal document for access to a variety of services (bank account opening, automated border control, secure access to all online services, etc.)  using eTrusted Identity Services platform, different types of authentication (face recognition, fingerprints, digital identifier) and devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.)
  • ID document readers
    Special equipment enables to read and verify the authenticity of documents.