Critical Infrastructure Protection

Protection of critical infrastructure is one of the strategic goals for every country. Failure or destruction of any of its components may result in disastrous effects in the areas of defense, health care, communications, power supply; economic, social and political consequences. Protection of critical infrastructure is one of the most difficult tasks because it includes protection from a great number of potential threats.
With the appearance of advanced features for threat detection security system management becomes more and more sophisticated and labor consuming task. The difficulty is in the development of interface programs, data synchronization, their correlation and further analysis.  The cost of servicing such sophisticated systems as a rule is high.

 You said “non-integrated” …?

SecureTech Corporation solves this problem at hi-tech level by offering the most advanced up to date solutions. We offer design, supply and system integration of detection, alert and response services.


Protection of critical infrastructure shall include a number of systems:

  • Physical access control systems: people and vehicle identification.
  • Data access control systems: logical access control, encryption, intrusion detection etc.
  • CCTV and threat identification systems: perimeter security, incident recording, automatic people and vehicle identification.
  • Inspection systems: detection of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear substances and explosives etc.
  • Building Management Systems: fire and chemical monitoring.
  • Public address and alarm systems.

Security management shall be provided via unified information system by integration and analysis of large quantity of information from various systems and coordination of response measures. Such a solution shall provide conditions in which anyone in operational chain knows what’s going on and what to do.


Real-time monitoring. Collection, fusion and coordination of information from security systems.

Event check

Coordination of various data flows to provide unified overall picture:   

  • Sensors (security alarm, access control, fire alarm, associate systems)
  • CCTV system
  • IT-system

Notification of security service.

System behavior modeling based on rules, acquired experience and further adaptation.