Digital authentication

In modern world, the increasing public demand for the access to the new services at any time and place makes banks convert their services into digital format at a rapid pace. The widespread use of mobile devices (tablet computers, smartphones) emphasizes the relevance of this process even more.

Transition from paper to electronic documents influences customer interaction channels in today's business, whether online, mobile, local (point of sale) or remote transactions by phone. Allowing complete management of the lifecycle of digital identifiers, Morpho products guarantee security of payment transactions.

Technological innovations, such as biometrics, combined with mobile gadgets increase potential opportunities for provision of banking services. Advanced Morpho technologies help to develop online banking ensuring a full cycle of digital chain from the registration of customers and their gadgets through multifactor authentication (biometrics, smart cards, one-time SMS passwords) and secure transactions on the basis of digital signatures and access certification to digital storage ensuring long-term integrity, confidentiality and validity of transactions and entitlement data.

Morpho platform applicable to identification and trusted services can be used with countless applications including tools for registration of the new customers (mobile corporate program “Know Your Customer”), confirmation of vulnerable operations (payment orders, payments), security of multi-channel payment systems (SWIFTNet/ FileAct, EBICS), authentication during online payments, online contracting for all types of transactions (point of sale, mobile roaming, online, remote by telephone) for all types of products (credits, deposit operations, life insurance), and protection of the customer’s private space and personal data and confidential documents (contracts, invoices, etc.).