Mobile Identification Solutions

Portable terminals enable police forces in the field to identify individuals in real time. Identity checks are performed using fingerprint or portrait recognition technologies. Gadgets can also be used in corporate services of financial institutes.


MorphoCheck terminal is intended to verify the new generation of electronic identification documents with embedded biometric data. Compact and autonomous, it can be easily used in the field by police and security forces, customs staff, border control and immigration officers.
The MorphoCheckTM handheld terminal can be used directly in the field, without any additional infrastructure.
It is equipped with a fingerprint sensor and various document readers: 2D barcode, contact and contactless chips, and machine-readable zone (MRZ) of passports.


With mobile applications involving increasingly sensitive data, it is absolutely imperative that every transaction and all data remain secure: mobility must not threaten security.
Morpho - the worldwide leader in biometrics - presents MorphoTablet, an enterprise class touch-sensitive device that adds the security of biometrics (fingerprint + face) and cryptographic functions to mobile operations.

Corporate sector
MorphoTablet is the ideal solution to offer multiple, flexible and inventive applications while in direct contact with your customers, giving them the confidence that sensitive data and associated transactions are highly secure and protected. From customer registration to trusted services delivery, MorphoTablet will become a key component of your Know Your Customer (KYC) process.

Civil / governmental applications
Light and ultra-mobile, MorphoTablet is a high quality acquisition tool perfectly suited for user enrollment in the field. With its biometric functions coupled with contact/contactless smartcard and NFC tag reading capabilities, MorphoTablet easily performs ID check (on device or remotely) in multiple situations and environments.

  • Elections: voter authentication
  • Healthcare: patient or medical staff authentication, medical records management
  • Education: student ID verification (examinations, online courses)

Public security
MorphoTablet helps police and law enforcement officers speed up operations in the field by delivering fast authentication/identification or by collecting and transmitting instantly and securely crucial information directly from a crime scene.

  • Public security: ID card, driving license verification
  • Criminal investigation: capture and transmission of clue/evidence photos. Remote latent searches.
  • Results and mugshots displayed directly on device.
  • Airport security: staff ID check within secure areas
  • Transport: ticket holder ID verification
  • Access control: sensitive site / facilities protection