Traffic Enforcement System

Responding to today’s safety requirements and road traffic growth SecureTech offers an exclusive solution for Kazakhstan - MESTA FFUSION developed by world's leading company Safran Morpho.
Powerful combination of the latest technologies, it integrates a non-intrusive multi-target tracking radar technology and a high resolution camera - the highest resolution on the market – performing perfectly well over up to 8 traffic lanes.  Non-intrusiveness means that there's no need to embed any sensors into the road pavement, which dramatically reduces installation and maintenance costs.
The equipment is based on radar detector which detects and tracks all vehicle within its wide range. The following data is recorded realtime for each tracked vehicle:

  • Position
  • Current speed
  • Range
  • Angle
  • Vehicle classification (light or heavy vehicle)

The system is capable of detection of wide range of offenses besides speeding due to virtual diagram of the road stored in radar memory.
Upon detection of the offense the system automatically records it and stores evidence photo (approaching or receding). Extremely high resolution photos (up to 36 Mpix) allows recognition of registration plate in both day and night time as well as in the most remote lane.

Radar detects and tracks vehicles. One virtual line is configured and defined.
An image is captured as soon as the vehicle crosses virtual line for left turn. Violation message regarding offense during left turn is created. consisting of the following:

  • 1 jpg file
  • 1 XML file
  • 1 video file

When red light running is detected the receding mode photo is captured. Both offender vehicle and the traffic light with red signal on are depicted on such photo. 
Mesta Fusion solution is directly connected to multiple red light circuits of traffic lights at intersections, which allows detecting a red light running violation.

Besides detection of red light running and speeding, the system records driving on prohibited lanes, prohibited overtake offenses, following distance violations. It also recognizes vehicle registration plates.

In all, three main functions are implemented on radar level:

  • automatic indisputable record of traffic rule violation
  • provision of indisputable evidence
  • automatic recognition of vehicle registration plate and check against criminal database.

The system may be configured to detect the following offenses:

  • red light running;
  • speeding, including lane-specific limits and vehicle classification specific limits (light / heavy vehicle);
  • driving on prohibited lanes;
  • No Turn offense;
  • overtaking on the inside;
  • following distance violation.


Offense data is sent to Offense Data Processing Center through secured network connection. The center provides storage and processing of offense data and performs equipment status monitoring.  Processing center operation procedure:

  • Record of violation message
  • Identification of the offender (by querying remote database)
  • Printing and sending traffic ticket.


Recognition of vehicle registration plate is performed on radar level. This allows realtime detection of wanted vehicles. Vehicle registration plate of each vehicle within radar range is recognized and checked against criminal vehicles database stored in radar memory. Upon detection of criminal vehicle a notice is created and sent to Offense Data Processing Center automatically. Criminal vehicles database is regularly updated in accordance with defined update schedule.