Biometrics & banking

Thanks to our partners, Morpho Company, today we can offer a wide range of multi-channel biometric solutions for financial institutions. Morpho biometric identification technology and powerful authentication platform guarantee the security of all banking sector operations in the developing world of digital and mobile technologies, and hence the stability of relationships with their customers. From daily operations to implementation of such programs as “Know Your Customer”, our products provide a reliable mechanism for identification thus preventing fraud and theft.

We help financial institutions to build a multi-channel approach. Modern customer expects to receive services while receiving information regarding completion of such services from different channels at the same time, although the operation/service itself was performed in one channel only. The modern customer also wants such level of operation implementation which will allow initiation of the operation through the one channel and termination of the same through the other channel. Through the use of biometric technologies, whatever the data channel, service, or biometric identification the customer has chosen, we are always ready to offer a full range of solutions maximizing operations adaptability to the customer’s needs.


Morpho biometric products are convenient for financial institutions to verify the identity of their customers. Personal data can be collected directly in the bank (or other financial institution), or transferred directly from the customer’s smartphone. Later, when the customer’s identity needs to be verified to make a transaction, the customer’s smartphone and biometric data can be used for authentication.


Through the use of the platform with biometric authentication, the banking system can identify the customer who wants to use a service regardless of the data channel used.
As for the personal signature when using a service, signing a contract, authentication before withdrawing money from ATM or before making payment (crediting of funds), biometrics is the most reliable solution that addresses the issues of reliability and security as well as the problems associated with the PIN codes, and facilitates the use of banking services for the customer regardless of the channel through which authentication is performed.