Suspect Identification


Analysis of video stream for identification of persons is a particularly efficient tool for police crime investigation teams.
Monitoring and realtime identification of wanted persons in surveillance camera live video stream is the most challenging task for security personnel and law enforcement teams. This task is much easier and more efficient with Morpho Argus.

Morpho Argus is an application suit for video analysis of both live stream and records for face recognition and identification. Morpho Argus supports 2 modes:

  • Search of faces from predefined list from the database. When the system detects a person of interest it may either notify security service for further actions to be taken or send the data to another system. Identified image may be displayed to operator for detailed analysis.
  • The system is able to create a database of faces with location history for each recorded face. Unique facial features are recorded and stored as a template in the database. Then the fact of presence of a person of interest in given place and at given time may be determined by comparison of person's photo with against the template database available online. Then a list of persons matching the template of a person of interest by their anatomic features is displayed to the operator

Morpho Argus supports working in both modes simultaneously. Morpho Argus supports simultaneous realtime analysis of several IP camera streams. The system processes and stores the data in a central database. The system also allows for maintaining multiple lists of such video streams.


Video surveillance systems are widely used nowadays.  Many terabytes of information are stored every moment. Whenever a camera catches a criminal event it is necessary to analyze video as soon as possible to obtain necessary information.

Morpho video investigation (MVI) application significantly reduces time required for search of such information by its video data analysis algorithms. MVI is a software and hardware suit designed to raise efficiency of crime investigation. The suit processes videos recorded by CCTV cameras, mobile phone and web cameras and highlights subject of interest defined by operator (faces, motion, vehicle registration plate), thus allowing operator to focus on significant frames only.

MVI allows searching of the suspect on video records by comparing those to uploaded photo of suspect, as well as mark one or more suspects appearing in the video. This allows tracking of suspect and persons who were in contact with him or her.
The system provides unprecedented opportunities to law enforcement bodies in relation to analysis of overwhelming amounts of raw video records.

The system is able to perform face recognition with classification by biometry data. 

MVI is supplied complete with face matching software. Any face found in photo or video uploaded into the system is recorded in face matching module. Using this database makes possible detection of one or more matching faces with the faces recorded earlier under the same case (videos are grouped into cases) or obtain one or more images of the suspect (when it's necessary to find out whether he or she was caught on tape within particular case).